Function – Monitors stream properties and expands the information to a suite of specifications and properties.

Method – Reference ‘cp’ files are prepared on the process stream to be monitored. The reference streams represent a range of process conditions (severities) and, if necessary, a range of feed sources. The on-line properties to be monitored are selected to:

      1. provide the greatest sensitivity (orthogonality) to the relevant compositional changes,
      2. b) satisfy the minimum number of independent inputs for the particular ‘cp’ file adjustment (usually 2 or 3), and
      3. c) availability and cost on the commercial market. The ‘n’ and ‘z’ values of the reference ‘cp’ files are mathematically correlated with the selected properties.

The monitors are installed and property values are fed to a ‘cp’ file updater program that maintains a current ‘cp’ file on the process stream. The updated ‘cp’ file is used as input for any other Z-BaSICTM routine.

Use – Monitor is used to obtain on-line composition and property information for any process stream. Monitor maintains a current ‘cp’ file on the process stream and inputs data to Control for controlling variables to yield desired product specifications. It may be used with applications such as Composition, Properties, Assay, Blend, and Troubleshoot to obtain a host of information on the stream.

Development Status – The algorithms for Monitor have been completed and the system for correlations has been tested. A unit calibration task requires about 2 - 3 months.

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