Advanced Technologies

The primary Company mission is to develop profitable, environmentally safe technologies for the energy and natural resource industries. Currently, we are pursuing several major technologies. These are:

 Kerogen Oil Products - High value nitrogen heterocycles are extracted in high yields from an abundant natural resource.

 Asphalt from Tar Sands - Premium asphalt is prepared from natural bitumen.

 White Oils- High molecular weight, naphthenic oils are extracted in high yields from tar sand bitumen.

 Hydroremediation - Low-cost, effective means for decontamination of soils and solids.

 Hydrocarbon Analytical Technique - Analysis of hydrocarbon mixtures using advanced computational chemistry.

 Direct Coal Liquefaction - Rapid reaction conditions lead to high liquid yields with low hydrogen consumption.

 Acetylene from Calcium Carbide - Advanced technology for improved yield and reduction of emissions.

 Precipitated Calcium Carbonate - High value, micron sized crystals are produced from waste lime.


Kerogen Oil Products - Kerogen oil contains high percentages of nitrogen compounds, oxygenates and waxes some of which command market prices of over $1,000/bbl. Pyridines are present in particularly high concentrations. A small-scale facility relying on low-cost in-situ recovery of kerogen oil promises a high profit potential. We have designed a process for recovering these valuable components from kerogen oil by low-cost technologies.

Scale - 5,000 bbl/day
Investment - $110-million
Projected IRR - 25%
Status - Continuous bench-scale separations on-going

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Asphalt from Tar Sands - JWBA asphalt technology takes advantage of low-cost, water-separation processing to manufacture a premium-grade asphalt with a market value above prevailing asphalt prices. JWBA has licensed four patents from the University of Utah and is preparing two others.

Scale - 5,000 bbl/day
Capital Investment - $75-million
Projected IRR - 15%
Status - 4 ton/day continuous pilot plant completed

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White Oils from Tar Sand Bitumen - Tar sand bitumen contains high percentages of valuable oils and nitrogen compounds. We have identified these components and have shown how they can be extracted from bitumen by low-cost technologies.

Scale - 3,000 bbl/day
Capital Investment - $135-million
Projected IRR - 25%
Status - Laboratory scale preparations completed

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Hydroremediation - An effective, low-cost means for remediation of contaminated soils, Hydroremediation (U. S. Patents #5,302,211 and 5,460,194) could become a breakthrough, best-available technology. The process is simple and effective, yet affords a wide range of control for clean-up to parts-per-trillion levels, or even less.

Scale - 75 tons/hour
Investment - $5-million
Projected IRR - 30%
Status - Two ton/hour field demonstration unit completed.

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Hydrocarbon Microanalytical Technique (HyMAT) - This unique analytical method couples our proprietary Z-Based Structural Index Correlation (Z-BaSIC) methodology with the power of GC-MS, for direct determination of properties of complex mixtures. Applications include chemical processing, environmental forensics, pharmaceutical research, new product development and advanced process control.

Scale - Instrumentation for worldwide markets
Investment - $1-million
IRR - Equity participation to be determined
Status - Proof-of-Concept demonstrated
Software Development on-going

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Direct Coal Liquefaction - JWBA holds an option to the WISER technology from the University of Utah (U.S. Patent #5,308,477). The WISER technology promises improved economics because of high conversions of coal to liquids while limiting gas production and hence, hydrogen consumption.

Scale - 10,000-20,000 bbl/day
Investment - To be determined
IRR - To be determined
Status - Laboratory scale once through flow system completed.

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Acetylene from Calcium Carbide - A thermodynamically efficient process for manufacture of acetylene from calcium carbide has been patented. The technology helps solve the problems of fugitive losses of acetylene and results in improved recovery of 4-10% of total production. (Patent pending)

Scale - 12,000 m3 per day
Investment - to be determined
IRR - to be determined
Status - 25 m3/hr pilot plant in operation

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Precipitated Calcium Carbonate - JWBA has developed and patented (U.S. Patent #5,846,500) an advanced PCC processing technology. The technology approach produces high purity PCC at a lower cost than competing routes.

Scale - 25,000 ton/year
Investment - $5-million
Projected IRR - 40%
Status - 2 kg/hr PDU in operation

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